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Integrated Systems

Cyber cooperation

IoT is ramping up; bringing billions of devices connected via the internet. This trend also applies to IP surveillance network cameras. Hence SeeTec, the IP-based video management software company, and VIVOTEK, the IP camera manufacturer, report a cybersecurity cooperation. VIVOTEK’s network cameras come with Trend Micro’s anti-intrusion software. The firms say this provides security against brute force attacks, automatically prevents and detects intrusion attempts and controls the extent of damage. The SeeTec Cayuga video management system is now tested and certified for use with the Trend Micro’s software on VIVOTEK network cameras, thus enabling the firms say end-to-end IT security for video.

Andreas Beerbaum, Managing Director at SeeTec, says: “The IT security level of any video system is determined by its weakest part – therefore it is key to not only maintain high security standards for all types of components including cameras, software and infrastructure but also to make sure that there are no security gaps between them.”

And Shengfu Cheng, Director of VIVOTEK Marketing and Product Development Division, said: “The debut of our cybersecurity-defense solution has shown VIVOTEK’s commitment of providing our valued customers with the highest quality and most reliable products. We are pleased to collaborate with SeeTec as one of our strategic partners as both companies continue to drive engineering expertise and investments to deliver value for global users.”

The companies make the point that security systems are no longer isolated installations but exposed to the internet, and therefore cybersecurity has become an important decision criterion at project design phase. Numerous cyber-attacks have shown that IP cameras are among hacker targets, as cameras are constantly connected and offer relatively high computing power as well as good internet traffic throughput.


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