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CPSE 2017 open

The 16th China Public Security Expo (CPSE 2017) officially opened on October 29, in China Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, pictured. Among the companies exhibiting were Dahua whose stand theme is “Cloud Ecosystem, Smart Future”. There they were presenting the fusion of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) with security.

Dahua Technology’s consumer business, LECHANGE, has launched a new product on the theme of “Locks for the World”. The first LECHANGE video cloud lock was released.

The company has 12 theme booths offering product demonstrations and videos, showing video cloud, artificial intelligence, smart city, smart transportation and multi-dimension sensing, among other things. The company is stressing its concept of “smart future” in the smart city, commercial and consumer markets.

Dahua is reporting more new products and solutions being displayed than previous years; covering the video cloud, the application, intelligent cloud storage, multi-dimensional big data, cloud magic cube platform, traffic management cloud and cloud operation and maintenance centre. According to the manufacturer, the combination of cloud computing and edge computing re-define the meaning of “end-to-end computing”. In the field of AI, “Deep Sense” series structured data servers add to the efficiency and application value of security video big data, the product developers say. “Deep Sense” series intelligent transportation cameras use deep learning algorithms to enhance the intelligence of data mining operations.

The company is also promoting convergence in its new products. HDCVI-IoT, based upon the HDCVI 4.0 technology; that integrates temperature, humidity sensors and wireless alarm signals with video. The Dahua Smart Thermal series products integrate the tracking and intelligent linkages and other intelligent functions.


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