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Integrated Systems

Control platform

At the exhibition Data Centres Ireland, on November 5 and 6, the firm Siemens Building Technologies is introducing a new enterprise-level control platform that will integrate and manage multiple sub-systems across data centres. Visit Siemens Stand Number 303 for a practical demonstration of command and control as well as view the latest in security and fire safety protection systems that preserve sensitive material and irreplaceable data.

Siemens will be presenting a paper that demonstrates how command and control can deliver a data centre environment that is intelligent, responsive and adaptable. The paper will be delivered by Tony O’Brien from Siemens in response to a market that is increasingly demanding technology that will assess and manage critical situations, distribute information and co-ordinate and manage resources,

Tony has 15 years of experience of working with control platforms and he will focus on how fully integrated technologies result in the creation of a secure, comfortable and automated data centre environment.  

The presentation will focus on the advantages of greater synergies between core sub-systems such as building energy management, security, fire safety solutions, power and communications, with the resulting cost savings, revenue opportunities and improvements in manpower resources.

Key topics will include: the value of automated decision-making in a critical data centre environment, the impact of workflow on manpower resources and the relevance of converged technologies in delivering intelligence and analytics.  

Tony adds: “Networked, integrated and intelligent enterprise platforms will be at the heart of the next generation of data centres. Currently the great challenge for this sensitive environment is to reduce costs whilst improving operations. We believe the key benefits of command and control include the full protection of assets, better consolidation across essential services and improved energy consumption that achieves low carbon objectives.”


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