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BIM Level 2 accreditation

STANLEY Security reports it’s the first security firm to achieve BIM Level 2 accreditation in the UK. Building Information Modelling (BIM) provides all of the information about every component of a building, in one place. It enables construction managers to digitally model a building and use the BIM data to reduce the risk of errors at an early stage, making for more predictable planning.

STANLEY says BIM Level 2 accreditation has become increasingly important not only for work on public sector projects – construction suppliers tendering for centrally procured government projects must be working at BIM Level 2 – but for those in the commercial sector looking for the benefits of this approach to construction.

Jason Wescombe, Design Manager – GB at STANLEY Security, says: “From early in 2017 we noticed increasing customer enquiries relating to BIM services, ranging from design and construction, including COBie, to the provision of BIM Object Libraries. There was also increased Pre-Qualification Questionnaires relating to BIM Level 2, which was very much a new turn of events. STANLEY Security is a proactive company that has its finger on the pulse of the security sector to identify where the market is going. We very much focus on identifying technology solutions that minimise financial outlay for a client; in this sense we are very much aligned with the BIM philosophy.

“We went out to the market to actively engage customers on the subject of BIM and it quickly became clear that BIM Level 2 capabilities had to be developed to meet future client requirements, and not just in the public sector.”

STANLEY Security worked with Excitech, a technology services provider to the construction sector, to undertake a BIM Level 2 Accreditation GAP Analysis and provide consultancy and training in BIM Level 2. The transition to BIM Level 2 processes was achieved over 18 months and, after a full Lloyds Register BIM Level 2 Assessment to ensure all processes were in place, understood and adopted, culminated in full accreditation. As the cost of operating and maintaining buildings and facilities can represent up to 85pc of the whole-life cost, savings can pay back any upfront premium in construction expenses in a few years, the firm adds.

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