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Battery powered, wireless, video verified CCTV

Tom Barnard, Managing Director of Quatro Electronics, was speaking at the ASIS 2013 Seminar in Chicago on Tuesday, September 24, on the challenges that remote sites carry in terms of risk, and the protection solutions available for such sites.

Quatro Electronics has bases in Chicago and London. Mr Barnard reviewed technologies in the Solutions Theater.

Previously IT Director of Mercedes Benz, Tom Barnard has been behind Quatro’s products, and is part of the Quatro team that is launching three products this week at ASIS. Beforehand he said: “I am going to talk about the special requirements for protecting and securing remote sites, such as utility exchanges. They often have a location and site layout context that is unique, and requires a specialist approach to solving those challenges. Working with our customers we have developed products that are specifically designed around remote sites.”

Three products – Quatro SmartTower, SmartQube and SmartAlarm Silver – offer battery powered, wireless, video verified CCTV. The Quatro SmartTower and SmartQube are designed to provide HD video verified CCTV in locations with no power and no landline communications.

The SmartTower is a standalone solution. The top of the SmartTower houses a high-end wireless PTZ camera that gives HD resolution, on-board storage capacity of up to 64GB and which is linked to a state-of-the-art alarm. As it can be powered by AC power, wind, solar or hydrogen fuel cell, the SmartTower can operate for up to three months continuously without recharging, for remote sites.

The SmartQube has similar technology and comes in a lightweight compact format that allows it to be fixed to a pole, scaffold, wall or other upright structure. Like the SmartTower, the SmartQube works in zero light and has an infra-red function, so that it can also be used in covert situations.

The SmartAlarm Silver is the third new addition to the US market to be showcased at ASIS. It is a fully self-contained, battery powered wireless monitoring system with video verification capabilities. Encased in polycarbonate with an optional integral CCTV camera, it’s described as a lightweight and compact remote alarming solution, for a variety of situations and at a lower cost than the SmartAlarm Gold.

ASIS delegates can see the SmartTower, SmartQube and SmartAlarms by visiting booth 3633; Quatro are offering a free demo alarm system worth up to $1500 to those joining the Dealer Partner Program. More details at


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