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360 degree imaging

Arithmetica is to showcase its 360 degree video imaging at the Security and Policing event. The SphereVision range of recording, processing and playback products allows for the creation of interactive 360 degree videography, the makers say. With the ability to integrate floor plans, architectural drawings and other types of documents, the SphereVision solution is it’s claimed suited for police and security applications including risk assessment, event management, training, incident response and post event analysis and investigation.

The Security and Policing event runs on March 10 to 12, 2015 at FIVE (Farnborough International Venue & Events), Hampshire and is aimed at police, law enforcement and security. Arithmetica will be demonstrating SphereVision on stand A99.

Mark Senior, Business Development Manager, says: “Using a 360 degree video or other spherical content integrated with maps, site plans and other reference information, police and security professionals can build up their awareness of an environment and its hazards from the safety of a control room or incident perimeter. Training scenarios can be developed and exercises recorded using portable SphereVision systems allowing for decisions made to be analysed and learnt from.”

The SphereVision range includes 360 degree recording systems with options for vehicle mounted systems and a full ruggedised portable version, plus the compact Reporter360 designed for capturing 360 video footage of an event or incident as it unfolds. Having recorded a location, building or event in high definition 360 degree video, SphereVision batch renderer automatically processes the data so it can be loaded into viewing software.

SphereVision software allows users to integrate their 360 degree video with maps, floor plans and aerial views, allowing users to explore and immerse themselves in remote sites and locations. It is also possible to add hotspots, with links to media content like videos, photos, documents and spreadsheets and even annotated with information collected at the scene during post incident reviews.

SphereVision software also allows for the referencing of high resolution image frames with GPS data to create a DIY ‘Google Streetmap’ type solution. Visit


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