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Signature capture

Evolis, the French plastic card product company, has released its new, entry level Sig100 Lite; and top-of-the-range Sig Activ (pictured) models.

Sig Activ tablet operates with built-in ERT (Electromagnetic Resonance Technology): meaning that the tablet screen will only respond to contact with the stylus provided with the device. This prevents the appearance of any unwanted strokes on the screen, whether from the hand of the signatory, or any other object. This model has been designed for a life cycle of up to 30 million signatures. Its screen has a palette of 16 million colors.

The Sig100 Lite tablet with no LCD screen has integrated resistive technology: the signature capture is achieved by pressing on the tablet with the provided stylus. There is no dependency between the tablet and the stylus so the stylus can be replaced.

As for uses of either product, in administration, business and banking, in a matter of seconds, a customer signature is recorded for identity documents, or validation of electronic documents. The tablets record the signature and can connect to any computer; by plugging into a USB port.

With SignoSign/2 software (provided as an option) the user can convert any type of document to PDF format and sign it securely with the tablet. An SDK (Software Development Kit) is provided free, so that the signature tablets can interface with the most common applications. Free tools (SignoPad-Tools) capture the signature in the form of an image.



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