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New York photo ID

In the United States, New York has launched the IDNYC municipal identification for residents of the five New York City boroughs. Mayor Bill de Blasio also announced that the IDNYC card will be accepted as valid primary ID for opening a bank or credit union account at more than 10 financial institutions. It covers free entry to museums and access to government buildings such as schools; renting library books, and opening bank accounts.

He described it as the most ambitious, dynamic and useful municipal ID program in the country. “IDNYC is not only a card for all New Yorkers, it is the gateway to City services, the key to opening a bank account or getting a library card, and the ticket to many of our city’s finest cultural institutions. More than that, this card represents who we are: New Yorkers who value equality, opportunity and diversity,” said Bill de Blasio.

To view his speech introducing the ID visit, pictured – visit Youtube –

Welcoming the launch, Council Member Vanessa L Gibson said: “By encouraging the growing use of IDNYC, this plan is an important and practical tool that will provide access to identification for immigrants, young adults, homeless residents and other New Yorkers who may not have access to any other form of proper identification.”

It will be accepted by the New York Police Department for the purposes of issuing summonses or desk appearance tickets in lieu of arrest, and has been incorporated into the NYPD Patrol Guide.

All City residents age 14 and above are eligible to get a municipal ID card, and enrolment is free for anyone who applies in 2015. The City has established 17 permanent enrolment centers in the five boroughs, 11 of which are open to the public in mass transit and commercial hubs, including five of the most-trafficked library branches. The City has also opened six enrolment centers for City agency clients in the Department of Probation and the Human Resources Administration. The 18th permanent public enrollment center will open in the spring, and two mobile locations will launch later in January.

The City says that it will protect the confidentiality of all IDNYC card applications and will not ask applicants about their immigration status. Visit:

However the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) said that the city had not done enough to protect those documents from being used by law enforcement. Johanna Miller, the advocacy director at the NYCLU said: “The NYPD, FBI, DHS and others can request these documents without having to show probable cause. And if they are requested, the city has no obligation to even notify the person so they might be able to defend their own privacy. For these reasons, the NYCLU regretfully cannot support this legislation.”

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