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ID Cards

ID in DC

In the United States, the District of Columbia has moved to central issuing of its driver’s licenses and identification (ID) cards; using the Datacard MX series products.

Moving from over-the-counter (OTC), the District of Columbia’s new driver’s license and ID will now be maintained through Marquis ID Systems (MIDS), a company that produces driver licenses and ID cards. Nearly 180,000 District of Columbia driver’s licenses and ID cards will be issued per year.

Mark Steigmeyer of MIDS, said: “The District of Columbia wanted better security features on their cards and the enhanced security and efficiency of a centralized process. We’ve met these needs by moving to a centralized model that uses Datacard Group’s advanced Security at Time of Personalization technologies and MX systems. This new solution improves the security and durability of the driver’s licenses and ID cards for their citizens.”

Datacard say that their MX platform is an automated inline high-volume personalisation system that offers a modular design. District of Columbia driver’s licenses and ID cards will be personalised with laser engraving . The two new tactile features and unique laser ablation ghost photo in the window helps fight fraud while assisting first line checkers to verify document authenticity.

Joshua Jabs, vice president of government marketing for Datacard Group, said: “We work with MIDS on many different projects and are very happy that our solutions are being used to personalize the District of Columbia driver’s licenses and IDs. The modularity of our systems enables MIDS to offer government entities high quality and secure personalization, while providing efficient options for future expansion and upgrades.”


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