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Ultra Electronics Card Systems, the physical identity division of Ultra Electronics PLC, has released the new V2 driver software for its Magicard line of badging identity card printers. This update lets users customise printing ID cards.

The new V2 Magicard printer driver features a re-designed graphical user interface (GUI) to help simplify the set-up parameters necessary for plastic card printing. Included with the new user interface are more options for fine-tuning the colour gamma, tone, contrast, brightness, and saturation of card images. This gives Magicard users the ability to adjust the card printer so that ID cards can match their organisational branding.

For the V2 driver, Ultra’s engineers re-wrote the source code to allow the operating system (OS) full control of the printer spooler; previous driver versions have split this task with the OS. The result is fast printing from faster job load times into the printer memory. The V2 driver now automatically batches print jobs, splitting multiple documents into multiple print jobs. This allows users to pause and recover jobs in the case of power loss or ink ribbon replacement – critical for users who print high volumes of ID cards.

To help its customers upgrade, Ultra overhauled the install process for the V2 driver. The new install is unified, meaning users only need to load the driver once to enable printing for every Magicard model; previous driver versions required users to install a separate driver for every model of printer. The new driver also offers significant improvements in set up for Ethernet networks and automatic updating of a printer’s firmware.

Lead driver engineer Andy Headland said: “The printer driver is the single most important tool that people use to control Magicard printers. The new V2 driver ensures that Magicard printers remain intuitive to use, quick to deploy and continue to be the most reliable and scalable option available for instant desktop ID card printing and encoding.”

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About Ultra Electronics Card Systems

Ultra Electronics Card Systems is a member of Ultra Electronics Holdings plc.


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