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ID Cards

Contactless card protector

The ID card manufacturer Databac Group has developed a way to protect the data on RFID cards.

The Contactless Card Protector blocks signals from payment cards, identity cards and ePassports while they are being carried or stored, preventing, the firm says, digital robbery and accidental payments.

Databac Group managing director Charles Balcomb said: “Contactless cards have made life easier, but leave data more exposed to theft and accidental transactions. Our new card protector is designed to enable users to benefit from the advantages of RFID technology, without compromising the personal data stored on their credentials.”

When used unprotected, the information on contactless cards can be illegally copied or cloned using readers or smartphones, by activating the chip and transferring or cloning the data. Databac says that its product disables the signal, preventing any kind of transaction. It works on 125KHz, 13.56MHz and UHF signals, thereby protecting the majority of RFID cards in use today.

As for using the product, it’s supplied as credit card size as standard and is placed in contact with the user’s card in a wallet, purse or holder. The card’s data is secured at once. The Contactless Card Protector is said to be suitable for payment cards, ID and access control cards, loyalty cards, membership badges and keycards. The card protector can be custom manufactured to ePassport or other formats.


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