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Scheduling and workforce management software

A Glasgow-based SIA-approved guarding firm has adopted employee scheduling and workforce management software, to replace paper-based systems, to monitor and coordinate around 100 security guards that work across Scotland. The firm, CSM Facilities Management, is using the SmartTask product, reducing its admin work by up to 35 hours a month.

Martin Heneaghan, Managing Director of CSM Facilities Management, says: “We have expanded our business to service over 200 sites on behalf of a diverse range of customers, so we recognised that we had outgrown many of our existing manual systems. We not only needed a software solution that would automate and streamline these processes but also help us differentiate our offering within what is a highly-competitive marketplace. SmartTask is helping us transform our operation by delivering on these demands and offering huge opportunities moving forward.”

Since the adoption, security staff now book on/off shifts and submit check calls via an automated telephone system using PIN codes. The company can capture time and attendance data to monitor the status of all frontline employees as they start, finish and complete work. CSM is planning to roll out the SmartTask app so that staff can use a smartphone and confirm attendance, with a GPS timestamp. The company is also using scannable NFC checkpoint tags for a number of contracts for patrol monitoring and proof of attendance for supervisors.

The rostering tool is aiding the FM firm’s central operations staff in workforce scheduling. The company can create rosters that automatically factor in holidays, available working hours and personal staff preferences. Work schedules have been communicated to staff verbally or via text, but with the roll-out of the SmartTask app, staff members will soon be able to receive and confirm their individual schedules using a smartphone.

Jack White, Operations Manager of CSM Facilities Management, says: “By automating many of our manual, paper-based processes we have been able to massively streamline the management of our security teams, saving both time and money. It has also proven to be invaluable for internal reporting and customer communication because of its ability to electronically capture accurate operational data while minimising the risk of human error.”

The reporting functionality has allowed the contract firm to do performance monitoring, internally and for customers. A range of reports are automatically generated on a weekly, and monthly basis, so critical data can be shared with the finance, HR and senior management. Meanwhile, a web portal has been launched and already set up for a number of customers so that they can view real-time and historical performance data for their cleaning or security operation.

CSM is also using SmartTask’s 24/7 virtual control room service to monitor missed shifts, check-calls, and any operational alerts. This has replaced an in-house control room and out-of-hours monitoring.

White adds: “SmartTask is having a dramatic impact on how our central operations team, based at our Glasgow headquarters, is able to coordinate security requirements. The software has given us added visibility and control while freeing up time so we can make best use of the insight provided to target service and efficiency improvements.” The contractor plans controlled access given to supervisors and operations managers with live monitoring and reports linked to their areas of responsibility.


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