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Safe and secure

Are you and your business safe and secure, ask Bolton-based KCS, the guarding contractor:

With the rapid spread of the Covid-19, the coronavirus, individuals and businesses are having to consider the reality of self-isolation, staff shortages and the problems associated with enforced closure.

It has been well documented in the media that a significant proportion of the working population will encounter individuals who may have the symptoms of Coronavirus or the virus itself and will have to self-isolate. This will lead to staffing issues, resulting in companies having to draft in temporary and part time workers to fill the inevitable gaps. And with so many new faces, security will become a serious issue; this will inevitably lead to opportunities for thieves to profit.

It has not been a good six months for many businesses with general elections and Brexit; owners don’t need additional worries and the uncertainty produced by the virus is very disconcerting, with medical concerns now at the forefront of most company owner`s minds knowing their place of work is secure is paramount to an effective recovery once normal business has resumed. Prevention and proper planning are key. Employing a security firm to key hold, patrol and guard is a prudent step to safeguard your business in these uncertain times. With staff shortages, even the simplest of tasks like opening/closing the office/shop and effectively and safely responding to an alarm set off by accident or intentionally could prove very difficult.

So, what is the solution? the first step to protecting your business is planning. Try to think about what you need to do to protect you, your staff and your business. Thoroughly check the credentials of any part time and temporary staff you employ to cover for staff who are self-isolating.

You should consider using an independent security company to open and lock up the premises or employing a security guard on the entrance or gate. In the unfortunate event where businesses are forced to close their premises, for an unspecified time, investing in a mobile patrol is a shrewd measure as these highly visible livered vehicles offer a cost-effective option where manned guarding is impractical or too expensive.

Picture courtesy of KCS: left to right are KCS MD Phil Thompson, and the guarding company’s recently-appointed operations director, Paul Haynes.


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