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Options to outsource

Emprise, a provider of professional services and part of the Project Griffin training scheme aimed at countering terrorism, is urging businesses to reflect on their options for security services. Mark Langworthy, Managing Director of Security at Emprise Services, says he is keen for businesses to consider outsourcing their security services, making for a safer environment for staff and consumer.

“In many respects, outsourcing security services is like outsourcing anything else; when you work with an expert, you tend to get better results. The increased popularity in outsourcing security services is as a result of proven successes – of being able to protect your assets in a streamlined and more affordable way. At Emprise we work with thousands of customers across the UK, providing expertise in manned guarding, CCTV surveillance, door supervision and key holding services, and are able to deliver fully qualified professionals to take away the stress of coordinating an in house operation.”

Mark, pictured, outlines his key considerations for businesses thinking about outsourcing security:

Security can often be seen as an additional cost, rather than an investment, and although you can’t put a price on the security of your business, by outsourcing it you can ensure that expenditure is kept under control every step of the way.

By working with an expert partner, you can remove the need for any middle management, delivering cost-efficiencies of up to 30 per cent on security budgets, depending on risk and requirements. Outsourcing provides a robust management infrastructure, without the robust fees, and adds value to the bottom line via impact on brand, reputation and morale.

There’s peace of mind that comes with outsourced security; knowing that you’re completely covered is invaluable. From company security to public liability and risk, if something does go wrong, you are able to put your trust in your service provider. Working with an external partner protects businesses from the risk of an unvetted, unqualified or unfit workforce, as there are a number of accreditations that a security officer must achieve in order to begin working for a contract security provider.

Managing a workforce, finding the right people for that workforce and scaling activity up or down are tasks that are easily managed by a security partner, freeing up your hours to concentrate on your business. Recruitment in a range of industries is becoming more complex, regulated and expensive and in security there is no room for error. Independently maintaining a workforce that befits your security needs – whatever they are – is becoming more and more challenging, but managed services are designed to be fully scalable, with a dedicated account manager responsible for expanding or reducing the workforce where necessary.

Mark says: “Outsourced security should go beyond creating a successful and robust security strategy to carrying out a service made to add real value, reduce cost and maintain high quality services, protecting employees and customers alike.

“Security is one of the most important assets a business can invest in. Safety is at the forefront of our work and we make sure that we work with our customers to build a their trust in our expertise and ability to provide an excellent service, leaving our clients to do what they do best.”



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