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Kopek Security Ltd

Kopek Security Ltd was launched in 2018. Behind it are Sue Yildiz and Gennine Cope. They are battling what can still be a male-dominated industry to earn the respect of their peers, exceed estimated financial projects and gain national accreditation.

With a workforce of more than 50 team members, Kopek operates across the country for a variety of clients. Kopek provides a range of security services including manned security, security dogs, event security and detection dogs. The company’s aim; to provide a down-to-earth, professional and discreet service, working with their clients to offer value at competitive costs in an ever-growing and evolving industry. Its mission statement is deter, detect and defend.

A firm focus for Sue and Gennine is providing a working environment built on trust, respect and providing place a where staff can grow. This goes for both the human team and the dogs, and Kopek’s team follow the five dog freedoms: free from hunger and thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain, injury and disease, freedom to express normal behaviour and freedom from fear and distress.

The dog theme continues in the name of the firm as Kopek actually means dog in Turkish. Both Gennine (pictured left) and Sue thought that was fitting not only because dogs are part of the team, but also because Sue’s husband is Turkish and it also includes a variation on Gennine’s last name – Cope. Other touches of both Gennine and Sue’s personalities come through as well as the firm logo is green and that is because it’s their favourite colour. An umlaut above the O on the company logo has been turned into the ears of a dog, as a nod to the four-legged.


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