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Guard tour patrol devices replaced

The security contractor MAN Commercial Protection Ltd has selected Skillweb’s SmartTask Security, a guard management product, to help better manage and monitor its operatives while onsite. The provider of security services will roll out the product to around 100 mobile and manned guards after a trial.

SmartTask Security, suitable for android smartphones, will replace the contract security firm’s guard tour patrol devices that no longer meet the needs of MAN Commercial Protection. During the pilot according to the firms the mobile application proved to be a flexible and user friendly solution that provided access to real-time and historical data to provide transparency of guards working remotely.

Using strategically-located NFC tags (the same technology used for contactless payment and electronic ticket smartcards such as Oyster) and QR codes, guards swipe over their mobile device over each unique tag to log time, GPS location and activity onsite. This enables office-based controllers and customers to monitor the status of guards and confirm their scheduled visits and rounds via a web-based portal. MAN Commercial Protection will also use SmartTask Security to generate working time and customer reports by operative or location.

Chris Smith, Operations Manager at Solihull-based MAN Commercial Protection said: “SmartTask Security has already shown to be a cost effective and functional tool that will help us to improve customer service, achieve operating efficiencies and support business development. Our previous standalone guard tour device was both cumbersome and complicated, so we needed a new solution that demonstrate our commitment to using leading technology to achieve continuous improvement.”

And Paul Ridden, CEO of Skillweb, said: “MAN Commercial Protection is the latest company to take advantage of SmartTask Security, achieving real-time visibility of guard performance using this simple and low cost application. This advanced guard management solution takes advantage of the latest smartphone technology and is ideally suited to the precise needs of the security sector.”


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