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FM’s Guide to Reopening Your Workplace

The FM contract firm Atalian Servest has published a guide to support workplace and facilities managers through getting buildings ready for occupation once lockdown rules are eased.

The FM’s Guide to Reopening Your Workplace sets out the areas that businesses need to consider as they embark on this change. Freely available from, the publication includes the options for gradual reoccupation including how to determine a building’s capacity with social distancing in mind and introducing new ways of helping people move around the building safely while adhering to the ‘two metre rule’.

In a foreword to the document, Daniel Dickson, Chief Executive Officer ‑ UK and Ireland at Atalian Servest, says: “Although the Covid-19 outbreak has had a devastating impact on many individuals and communities, while also being a significant test for many businesses, it also provides an opportunity for us to rethink the role of the workplace.

“What can we do differently to support people as they start re-entering the work environment in what is likely to be a very different space to the one they previously used? What does the post-pandemic workplace look and feel like? How does the employee experience need to change to adapt to this new normal? This guide aims to answer some of those questions and we’re delighted to share it with organisations of all sizes and sectors.”

On ‘front of house’, and security, the guide makes the point that the front of house ‘experience’ ‘will set the tone for the rest of the building’. Among the suggestions:

– Consider using occupancy counters on main entrances and exits to maintain a set occupancy rate or use existing desk sensors for this purpose;
– Remove all non-essential items from reception areas such as newspapers, magazines, brochures and sweets;
– Remove or reduce guest hospitality in reception. Use disposable cups / bottles;
– Remove any cloakroom facilities to avoid unnecessary contact;
– Install mats inside and outside entrances;
– Create a process for disinfecting deliveries; and
– Consider a policy to support social distancing among smokers. If there’s a smoking area, how can social distancing be maintained? Should people be free to go out at any time, or does this need to be planned?

From welcoming visitors and new cleaning regimes, staff catering options, maintenance regimes and emergency evacuation protocols, the guide sets out all the areas that a facilities professional needs to consider. There is also a section on how to communicate these changes; and advice on working with other partners and departments to manage this process.

Download the 11-page guide here:


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