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Dog handlers on the ground

Kai Stok offers three benefits to having security dog handlers on your construction site.

Dog security refers to having security professionals present who are trained to protect you, your site, your equipment and your team. With highly trained security dogs by their side, these skilled handlers are able to protect construction sites, amplifying your level of protection to effectively deter criminality. However, the value of a security dog team is often under-estimated…

For many, digital security options far outshine any non-technological alternatives. With CCTV constantly evolving, measures beyond this frequently fall to the bottom of priority lists. However, as the Construction Equipment Association (CEA) has reported that plant and tool thefts from construction sites have risen sharply in light of COVID-19, it’s clear we’re falling short. Site managers are being forced to re-evaluate and improve their strategies, incorporating services which promise to improve their current efforts – including security dog handlers.

My name is Kai Stok and as owner of Stok K9 Security Services I use my experience and industry understanding to provide dog security services across the UK. To help you better understand why this is an invaluable service for all sites; I have outlined three advantages to having dog handlers on the ground:

1) Dog handlers are a natural deterrent.

Dog teams act as a powerful visual deterrent to any potential trespassers; they have eyes on your project constantly and convey an invaluable sense of authority and assertion that promises to protect your site from concerning acts on site.

If you’re considering having dog handlers on site, then it’s important that you select handlers who have been sufficiently vetted. The quality of training that these experts, and their dogs, have received is of paramount importance; you need to be able to trust the people who are proactively securing your site. At Stok K9 Security Services we work in accordance with the BS:8517-1, code of practice for the use of security dogs and comply with the Guard Dogs Act 1975 and the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. All of our employees are stringently vetted to ensure that the quality of your security services remains consistent and impenetrable.

2) Dog security services are a cost-effective option.

Dogs bring with them exceptionally heightened senses which make them able to detect intruders who could not be spotted otherwise. Their unique skills are incomparable to the instincts of both humans and technology alike, making this security method an invaluable investment.

Dog security services are a cost effective, approachable option for every business and project. Working with other security measures on site, including CCTV for example, dog handlers are a welcomed addition to an on-site strategy without making for a costly, over-priced expenditure. You can adjust the frequency of your handlers’ patrols for example, making this service bespoke as it’s tailored to fulfil the needs of your project.

3) The presence of dog handlers reassures staff on the ground.

The presence of dog handlers on your site will not only aid the protection of your equipment, but their contribution to your security strategy simultaneously reassures project employees. By investing in dog handlers, you can demonstrate your commitment to providing extra security for your staff.

This is particularly helpful if you have been exposed to threats in the past, or if you’re experiencing heightened risks in light of unexpected events, for example COVID-19. During periods of uncertainty, it’s important to highlight to your employees that you’re willing to go above and beyond, instilling confidence in every member of your team.

At Stok K9 Security we believe that a structured, comprehensive security strategy is a strong strategy – this includes the provision of dog handlers on site. Tailoring services to the unique needs of every project, we offer heightened protection at times when our clients need it most. If you’re uncertain about security dog handlers and would like to find out more about our services, visit


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