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Carbon and energy reductions

Magenta Security has long championed its sustainability credentials. Now celebrating its 25th anniversary the guard firm reports a 75 per cent reduction in carbon and energy levels. The company says it has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by becoming a carbon neutral business and by putting in place Managing Director, Abbey Petkar’s CSR strategy. Initiatives throughout the 25 years include:

· £25,000 investment in digital systems to create a paperless office, saving over 150 trees each year.
· Over £20,000 investment in environmentally friendly lighting, which contributed to a 75pc reduction in electricity usage across the business.
· Upgraded heating system such as panels that use a quarter of electricity used by traditional heating.
· Installation of electric vehicle charging points on-site, with energy generated via their solar panels.
· The first security company in Europe to achieve the ISO 14001 Environmental Certification.
· Recycled and recyclable carpets throughout the business.
· Installation of solar panels on the roof of headquarters in Hounslow, west London.
· Planting of trees, meaning Magenta are technically carbon negative.
· Move building from D to B environmental rating – with A expected in next 12 months as further upgrades are made.

The result, the SIA-approved guarding company says, of implementing these initiatives is that customers specifically request to work with Magenta as they are a security supplier that adheres to the highest level of environmental accreditations.

Abbey Petkar, pictured, says: “I am incredibly proud of how we have progressed as a business, however even after 25 successful years I will always be looking for ways in which to improve and will never stand still when it comes to combating climate change. The damage we have caused to our planet is so close to being irreversible; that’s why I believe it is so important that we educate one another and do what we can to have a positive impact on the world rather than a negative one. I am even offering my own help, support and advice to people in any industry that are interested in making their organisation more environmentally friendly.”



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