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Alert device for lone workers

Reliance High-Tech has expanded its range of Reliance Protect services by launching the rtouch. It’s described as a small, light weight emergency alert device that offers lone workers protection, support and two-way communication.

The device, pictured, has a key fob appearance and can be worn or carried discreetly. It is BS8484 certified ensuring the highest police response, where appropriate.

Reliance says that it meets a need for organisations to support staff that may be at risk of intimidation, abuse or violence in their employment, whether on or off company premises.

The device has an SOS button on the front, three buttons on the side and a series of LEDs to indicate device status. The SOS button generates one-way and two-way voice calls into a dedicated Reliance Monitoring Centre where alarm handlers can listen in live and locate the user’s location. By monitoring and recording each event, Reliance can ensure response to each alert – including notification of the emergency services, alerting colleagues or supervisors and archiving recorded evidence for reporting, regulatory compliance and, if required, legal action.

The device enables users to leave messages on current location, nature of the task to be performed and details that may be prove of value if an SOS is later raised. The specialist Reliance Protect operators can access these messages as part of the alarm-handling. The product incorporates GPS and continuously updates its position. This location information is sent to the Reliance Monitoring Centre when an SOS is raised and displayed to the operator in mapping software.

It can also be used in mobile staff management applications where GPS location information is frequently uploaded to mapping-based platforms, enabling real time management of mobile employees, such as care workers, delivery drivers and other field-based personnel.

LEDs confirm the status of the product, detailing level of battery charge, GSM signal strength, and GPS location availability. It also indicates to the user when an SOS has been raised and when the voice call has been connected and is being monitored by the Reliance Protect monitoring centre. It ‘s fully certified to the BS8484:2011 Provision of Lone Worker Services and has been fully integrated into the range of Reliance Protect services. The device also has optional fall detection capabilities that sense slips, trips and falls, and generates SOS alarms through to the monitoring centre.

Chris Allcard, Head of Lone Worker solutions at Reliance High-Tech, said, “With the Reliance Protect rtouch device at their fingertips, employees throughout the UK can feel reassured that 24/7 support is within easy reach. Reliance Protect is already the UK’s leading provider of lone worker protection services, with upwards of 50,000 users across multiple sectors including healthcare, retail, utilities, transport, banking and public services. The rtouchTM device further extends the choice available to organisations that want a proven, robust and highly cost-effective way to safeguard their employees and provide immediate incident support if required.

“By helping organisations to create a safer working environment and meet their duty of care, rtouchTM makes it easier to retain talented staff and support key business objectives. Other benefits include improved ability to capture recorded evidence, a full suite of management information reporting, less time spent on incident investigation, reduced exposure to crime-related loss, reduced exposure to litigation, more control over insurance costs, enhanced corporate reputation and improved business continuity provision.”

For more about rtouch or to arrange a complimentary lone worker review, email, call 0800 840 7121 and quote ‘lone worker’ or visit


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