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Video-based fire detection

The video-based fire detection AVIOTEC from Bosch has received recognition from the German safety standards service VdS Damage Prevention GmbH (VdS), as an automated video camera for visual fire surveillance with the number G217090. As the manufacturer says, the safety and security body’s VdS quality seal often serves as the basis for later EN standardization.

VdS has developed a test procedure for video-based fire detection that incorporates the VdS guidelines 2203, “Requirements for fire protection software” and the “Requirements for flame detectors testing “. AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 is the first product to pass the tests. The immunity against false alarms was tested, besides the long-term functional safety and reliability under difficult site conditions, as well as operationally occurring mechanical influences.

The product firm says that the advantage of video-based fire detection is its speed. It visually detects fires at the source, regardless of the smoke migration to the detector. Philipp Mondrik, project manager at the VdS, says: “In general, our tests also showed that this video-based fire detection under ideal conditions can be described as “earliest fire detection.”

Bosch points to the product’s fire detection algorithms, developed on the basis of a physical smoke and flame model, to define fire-specific properties and distinguish them from possible disturbance values.


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