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LogiFire addressable systems

The manufacturer Comelit-PAC has launched LogiFire, as a new range of control panels. The systems can be expanded from one to eight loops and support up to 2000 devices on an eight-loop system and have a greater loop capacity of 700mAh. The panels have fault-finding diagnostics.

As for product design the range comes with carefully constructed lines, the developers say, and a neutral appearance for fire safety to have a natural blending with surroundings, without affecting the experience for visitors or staff on a site.

Mandy Bowden, Fire Manager at Comelit-PAC, says: “This is a very exciting chapter for Comelit-PAC and a significant investment that we are looking forward to presenting to our fire installer customers. Whilst its core objective is to offer the latest compliance, it has also taken into account the need for style and latest technology.

“LogiFire prioritises reliability and performance levels that have allowed Comelit-PAC to consolidate its position as a central player in the fire detection sector. Its development has taken consideration of increasing reliance on integrated systems through the internet of things. It has taken careful planning and a close working partnership to achieve latest objectives for fire safety to meet discerning customer requirements.”

An addressable system, it’s compliant with BS and EN standards and is complemented with a new range of detectors.

Mandy adds: “What LogiFire represents is the commitment of Comelit-PAC to research and develop our product portfolio, together with our pledge to remain close to our customers throughout the entire process, all leading to the creation of a new all-encompassing innovative system. Our in business together approach leads to solutions that encompass design and planning phase and takes into account requirements for commissioning and configuration. Together with our dedicated training programmes, from basic installation to full integration, customers can be assured that we are really ‘with you always’ from a sales and technical perspective.”


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