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Interface for tower block fire safety product

The fire safety product firm Lite4Life has adopted Aico’s Ei414 Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm Interface into its Multiwatch tower block fire safety product and AlightforLife Directional wayfinder safety light. The Ei414 is being used to alert these systems in the event of an activation from Aico fire and CO alarms. In the case of AlightforLife it activates LEDS pointing to the nearest exit.

Andy Cunningham, Managing Director of Lite4Life, says of the Ei414: “It is so much more user friendly than anything else on the market. We are finding that using the Ei414 to send messages and signals to report on alarm status at the earliest opportunity gives us valuable minutes in the protection of people and property from a potential devastating fire. The recent Hackitt report for High Risk Residential Buildings (HRRB), recommends that high risk buildings are to be managed and our product, using the Ei414, can provide the solution for many of the points identified by Dame Judith Hackitt. We at Lite4life, feel it archaic to rely on a member of the public to notify the fire rescue services, often after the fire has been alight for some time. A fundamental change must be highlighted in the way we can approach fire protection in high rise residential buildings and Aico go a long way in supporting our vision.

“All of our future projects, including those addressing the HRRB standard, will be using Aico products. We are aligning ourselves with tried and tested companies to deliver demonstrable cost saving with innovation. Working with Aico has been fantastic; with our relationship with Andy Speake [National Technical Manager] and the Regional Specification Managers, why would we use anyone else?”

The Ei414 interface, Aico says, provides a dedicated connection between Aico smoke and CO alarms and third party safety systems. It’s used to connect alarms to telecare and warden call products, sprinklers and BS5839 Part 1 panel based fire alarms. The connection can be made wirelessly with Aico’s RadioLINK Radio Frequency (RF) product or hard wired between the two devices.

The Ei414 can be powered from the mains or from a 12-24V DC supply and has built-in tamper-proof rechargeable Lithium Cells which will power the device in the event of any mains failure. The product features a ‘test’ setting to test the system including a signal being transmitted to the third party system.



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