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Domestic fire alarm kit

The life-safety systems manufacturer, C-TEC, has launched Hush ActiV, a BS 5839-6 Grade C domestic fire alarm kit.

Designed to offer fire protection in flats, apartments and high-rise residential buildings, each kit contains all you need to create a LD2 stand-alone conventional fire alarm system in a dwelling, the Wigan firm says.

Andy Green, C-TEC’s Marketing Manager says: “We are very excited about Hush ActiV and confident it will be a hit with specifiers and installers in the domestic fire alarm market. As a fully-monitored BS 5839-6 Grade C system, it constantly interrogates the status of the system’s wiring circuits, battery and power supply, reporting any faults to the main controller. As a result, it offers higher levels of fire protection than the unmonitored Grade D Mains Battery Alarms typically used in domestic dwellings.”

As for accessibility, residents are provided with detection, alarm, silencing and test facilities at light-switch level so they can test their own devices, be alerted to system faults and hush any false alarms. The fact that the Controller’s HUSH and TEST buttons can be operated whilst standing or sitting in a wheelchair at floor level helps with compliance with the Equality Act, the product developers add.

Described as an eco-friendly solution, Hush ActiV offers up to a 50 per cent reduction it’s claimed in the mains power of a typical Grade D system, less plastic and just one replaceable lithium-ion battery per system (providing over 72 hours standby).

Each kit contains a Controller, 24V PSU, ActiV multi-sensor, heat detector, three detector bases and base sounder. Other ActiV detection and alarm devices are available to accommodate larger systems or systems requiring LD1 coverage.

To discover more about C-TEC’s Hush solutions, click the link to watch the company’s animated video “The Evolution of Fire Protection in Residential Dwellings’ or visit


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