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Bull Products at Firex 2018

Bull Products, a manufacturer of life-saving fire protection equipment, has two products for construction sites. Developed specially for the construction industry, Bull will be launching SiteHub at this year’s Firex International, the fire safety exhibition alongside IFSEC from June 19 to 21. SiteHub is all-in-one meeting point, notice board and emergency station for fire, first aid and health and safety equipment for any site.

SiteHub is weatherproof thanks to an anti-corrosive coat, self-supporting and painted in a red powder coat for workers to locate and access equipment in an emergency. The equipment can also be moved around the site as a project progresses and to the next construction project when required.

The second product is a Site Safety Station. The product has been designed for companies to create their own central station to combine fire and first aid equipment and keeping insurance policies and site information safe. Whether fire, first aid, spill control or site safety signage, the station can be customised with coloured foam backing to indicate specific areas of information which can be mocked up beforehand by Bull Products. The station can hold up to three fire extinguishers and each side panel swivels so that it can be positioned as per a customer’s needs.

John Tandy, customer success manager at Bull Products, said: “Fire safety is the most crucial aspect when it comes to protecting a construction site and workers. In an emergency, every second is vital but often time is wasted trying to locate the right equipment. Our new products have been designed to enhance site safety whilst providing an all-in-one solution that will ensure workers can access equipment quickly.”



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