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Video intercom station

New from Zenitel is its TCIV+ (Turbine Compact Intercom Video) Station. It offers the audio of the company’s Turbine Compact Series with video, and allows for integration with other security systems. A new chipset provides intelligent communication at the edge.

Dan Rothrock, President of Zenitel Americas says: “Clear communication that all parties can understand is critical to every security application. The new TCIV+ video intercom station achieves this through a wide array of innovative features that extend the limits of audio, video and acoustic technology and remove noise and bandwidth constraints. The result is the ability to hear, be heard and be understood, anywhere and anytime.”

Features of the new video intercom station include:

• Audio
• HD Video
• Faster Processing
• Cybersecurity

The 10W speaker, matching 10W class D amplifier, and digital MEMS microphones provide duplex, hands-free communication so that the product can also be used as a public address speaker. With built-in software, the station can adjust a voice that is too loud or too soft to an intelligible signal for the call recipient. The speaker volume automatically adjusts to an audible level to overcome ambient noise. HD voice and video sits within the same form factor as the Turbine Compact (TCIS, TCIV) range. Installation and capabilities remain the same as with other Turbine stations. A Field of View feature captures more of the area around the station, and a 30-per-second frame rate provides a look of movement caught on the camera. As for processing data, the product comes with the 4x Cortex CPU cores, 4 Gbit RAM, and 1 Gb flash memory.

Erik Hoffman, Head of Product Management, Onshore, Zenitel says: “Zenitel is well known for its best-in-class audio quality. Now with the TCIV+ we have taken our video performance to a new level. To get this done we have built the new stations on a completely new hardware platform that enables top class performance and significant potential for future feature expansion.”

The station has a solid aluminum, die-cast frame. The UV-resistant, anechoic speaker design provides an open flow of audio, and is protected from tampering, with speaker-grill angles that prevent direct access to the speaker, as well as an acoustically transparent poke screen that prevents perforation attempts while maintaining audio flow.

As for cyber-security, the products uses integrated IEEE 802.1X network access control. As a Center for Internet Security (CIS) SecureSuite member, Zenitel follows and contributes to standards and best practices, the company adds. Users can select from four TCIV+ stations with different features and functionalities. A touchless sensor, as an accessory, gives contactless access as sought during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it can activate intercom calls by gesture recognition, for example, with the swipe of a hand.

Lars Paulsson, EVP for Safety and Security at Zenitel says: “We certainly believe that audio, just like video, plays a key part in any security solution. The need to interact and communicate with individuals moving in and out of spaces is vital, and at Zenitel we strive to keep people safe by enabling everyone to hear, be heard and be understood – every time and everywhere. With the development of the TCIV+, we combine IP video and IP audio and continue to drive the future of intelligent communication – powered and driven by Turbine technology.”



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