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Door Entry

Door app

The intercom, access control and fire safety product manufacturer Comelit-PAC has launched an app.

It’s to support users looking to remotely manage and control door entry and fire safety systems. The image-led app features an intuitive dashboard to present daily monitoring and management of devices. All operating in real time, with no software installation required, the app lets users check their status across Comelit’s product portfolio.

Justin Hawkesford, Comelit-PAC Operations Director says: “The look and design, including extensive features such as system management support and interactive geographical location will improve customer experience and make navigation instinctive.”

MyComelit allows users to manage products, including Simplebus and VIP, by installation site or project, with consultation and geographical visualisation available in an interactive map. For each site, it is possible to define an address and coordinates, and have real time information on the status of installed devices.

The app also allows sharing of management of the sites with other users, with different roles and profile possibilities, and different functions available.

Justin adds: “MyComelit is an evolving app, where we are working with our customers to ensure it offers a way to manage systems faster and more efficiently, including sharing information and transferring ownership as and when required. We have tried to consider every aspect, even including adding, deleting and editing resident information quickly and managing data to enable or disable apps.

“The app is just one example of Comelit’s commitment to being with our customers every step of the way, from initial design and specification, through to installation and maintenance and monitoring. With dedicated sales and technical support throughout, we really are “with you always.’”

The app is now available to download from the App Store and Google Play. Visit


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