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Why you should consider SIEM

With security attacks on major companies more prevalent in the media than ever, how you look after your business network and online is vital. Perhaps the only positive thing that can come out of attacks on TalkTalk, Three and the National Lottery, is that companies now start taking their online security more seriously? The good news is cyber security applications are now more advanced, user friendly and allow your business to run efficiently, not slow you down. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) gives you a complete overview of any current or potential threats to your business. Rick Gray, Head of Security Services at security managed service company CSI, explains why you should consider SIEM.

So, what is SIEM? One of the main sources of anxiety for any business, large or SME, is the unknown. Cyber Security threats do not follow a pattern and unfortunately can come from anywhere, anytime. While it’s impossible to stop threats and attacks from ever happening, SIEM applications allow you to stay in control and manage your overall security.

Put simply, SIEM is a single pane of glass providing alarms and forensic information for all internal and external threats to the business. Available as a software product or an ongoing service, businesses can look at their security overall and spot patterns or trends that are out of the ordinary.

How does SIEM work?

SIEM software is a combination of both Security Information Management and Security Event Management tools that come together to monitor the threats to and on your network. Bringing together logs and events from all devices on the network, SIEM provides real-time information, allowing threats to be detected and resolved before they become an issue to your organisation. SIEM covers the full security stack within your network. The system collects security-related data to analyse by sending out collection “agents” across all your network equipment and servers. Once these agents have collected data, it is then forwarded back to your centralised, security stack where it can be analysed.

How SIEM can benefit you

It’s quicker, easier and more thorough than ever before to manage the security of your business in one workspace or dashboard: SIEM will not slow you down. Spend more time on your business and less time on security analysis.

Preventing potential security breaches

Stop security attacks before they become a real issue

Save money

Stop expensive security attacks and spend less money on different applications.

Better security reporting

One centralised dashboard makes it easier to report on your security management

IT compliance

Increase your network protection and business compliance.


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