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Supply chain cyber risk

The defence and security product company BAE Systems has launched a cloud-based service for companies of all sizes to manage their supply chain cyber risk. The firm says users will have better visibility of supply chains.

Robin Oldham, Head of Cyber Security Consulting Practice at BAE Systems said: “Suppliers are vital to the success of every business. They increasingly have privileged access into their customers’ systems and this makes them natural targets for attackers looking for an easy way in to steal business secrets and customer data. This is especially true where smaller suppliers can’t match the resources and skills of their customers when it comes to cyber defence.”

“We have seen first-hand evidence of this in the recent case of Operation Cloud Hopper, where well-resourced attackers had targeted and infiltrated business process and IT outsourcers, to gain access to access their customers’ networks.”

“Our new Supply Chain Assurance service gives organisations the tools to quantify and understand the risk they are exposed to through their supply chain – one of the most vulnerable and underestimated network entry points.”

The firm adds that the Supply Chain Assurance product was tested and readied for commercial use by applying it to BAE Systems Applied Intelligence’s own supply chain. Visit:


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