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(ISC)2 appoints

The cybersecurity professional body (ISC)2 has appointed Dr Adrian Davis, CISSP, as Director of Cybersecurity Advocacy for EMEA. This follows the appointment of John McCumber as Director of Cybersecurity Advocacy for the North America region.

Adrian joined (ISC)2 as Managing Director for EMEA in 2014. In his new role, he will seek to champion greater certification, and skills, and work to help policy makers raise the priority and standard of assessment given to cyber risk within business and government. He will also work through the (ISC)2 EMEA Advisory Council to share members’ concerns.

(ISC)² CEO David Shearer, CISSP, said: “Our cybersecurity advocacy programme allows us to work closely with our membership, to encourage public/private collaboration on security issues, and to advance cybersecurity practice and the profession around the world. There is a growing appreciation for the need to better understand and develop the capacity to face the cybersecurity issues that are constantly threatening businesses and livelihoods today, and we are committed to doing everything we can to play our part.”

Davis said: “I am pleased to have this opportunity to develop a voice for the growing and vibrant community that works at the coal face of the effort to, not just protect our companies, but also our economies. We work hard to meet the significant need for more talent in cybersecurity today. We also recognise the need to develop resilience outside of the profession, and serve our membership by helping today’s leaders, innovators and influencers in society understand their role in tackling the risks associated with our developing dependencies on technical innovations.”

As Managing Director, Davis presided over double-digit annual growth in the regional certified membership, now at over 23,000 in 92 countries. He established varied initiatives, notably in support of: accreditation guidelines referenced by computing science programmes across Europe; educational resources and (ISC)2’s International Academic Programme;. and the latest edition of Europe’s eCompetence Framework (eCF). Working with the EMEA Advisory Council he has sponsored the development of two member-driven task forces on GDPR; and IoT risk. Adrian is also a co-editor for the ISO (International Standards Organisation), where he participated in the publication of two standards within the 27000 family. Previously he was Principal Research Analyst with the Information Security Forum (ISF).

Deshini Newman, pictured, who joins (ISC)2 from Cambridge Assessment English, steps into the role of Managing Director for EMEA. Visit:


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