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innogy joins ENCS

innogy, a European power generation company, has joined the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS).

The energy company specialises in renewable, grid and infrastructure besides retail, and like other businesses is at work on digitalisation and a smarter grid. However, with a more connected energy system comes an added need for cyber security, points out ENCS, a non-profit membership-based body that seeks to bring together critical infrastructure and security figures.

Dr Andreas Breuer, Head of New Technology, Grid & Infrastructure Segment, innogy SE says: “Energy infrastructure is critical and faces a rising number of cyber-attacks, while the complexity of the threats is also increasing. This is why we seek the exchange of knowledge within the ENCS about possible counter-strategies, with the network having a clear focus on infrastructure-related business.”

ENCS reports that it already works with a variety of utilities across Europe, collaborating on research projects and conducting training. Over 2018, particular areas of focus will be on security policy, architecture and operations.

Anjos Nijk, Managing Director, ENCS, says: “innogy is a unique company that can draw on the long-experience and heritage of its parent company while also being a new entity that is completely focused on our new energy world. As you’d expect from such a company, cyber security is at the forefront of its thinking. We’re confident innogy will both get and add huge value to the network.”



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