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Head of Investigations, EMEA

The digital forensics and cybersecurity incident response product company Nuix has named Mark McCluskie as its Head of Investigations, EMEA. McCluskie will work with Nuix’s digital forensic investigation team, key customers and the broader marketplace.

Paul Slater, Global Head of Investigations at Nuix said: “Mark brings a vast amount of investigative knowledge to Nuix. I’m delighted to have someone with his level of law-enforcement experience join the team and expand our growing digital forensic investigations offering. Mark is perfectly placed to offer first-hand experience to our law-enforcement and investigative customers, helping them to deal with the growing struggle of big data in investigations.

McCluskie will support many of Nuix’s activities around law enforcement and policing acting as a point of contact for investigators. As the product firm says, Government agencies and police forces are experiencing an exponential rise in cybercrime. McCluskie will also act as a conduit back to Nuix’s development team to advise on product direction and the continued development of Nuix Investigation & Response.

He recently left a long law enforcement career, in the Royal Ulster Constabulary and Police Service of Northern Ireland, with the last 25 of those years in various technical areas of policing. His last 13 years have encompassed Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime, where as a Hi-Tech manager and Detective Inspector, he had responsibility for all technical examinations and large-scale cyber investigations. He was involved in digital aspects of National Security, working against local, national and international terrorism and was a lead investigator in many recent high-profile UK cyber-attacks.

McCluskie said: “The amount of big data that we are producing every day, presents a growing problem for investigative bodies and law enforcement agencies. The variety and sheer volume of data that must be analyzed, requires a deep expertise and specific tools to manage effectively.”


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