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Fraud in charity sector conference

Procurement, grants, banking – all kinds of frauds can bring risks to businesses, and charities in the voluntary sector too. That was the message from an inaugural conference on fraud and the charity sector last year, by the Fraud Advisory Panel and the charities regulator the Charities Commission. A second conference in running in London on October 28, at the same venue as in 2015, the Royal College of Physicians.

Topics include insurance, data mining, being aware of and guarding against scammers, the threat landscape generally with fraud – and the question whether online frauds are like old frauds, in a cyber guise; managing your reputation if the worst happens; data protection, cyber security, staff awareness and training, and whistle-blowing and reporting of suspicions of wrong-doing.

Also planned is an update on the Charity Commission’s Charity Sector Counter Fraud Group (which the Fraud Advisory Panel is a member of).

For more on the event visit the Fraud Advisory Panel website:


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