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Disruption survey

A majority of internet disruptions occur outside a company’s network, and a lack of visibility beyond company ‘walls’ has made it difficult for businesses to pre-empt and resolve any issues as quickly as they need to. That is according to a survey, which questioned 100 IT professionals in UK organisations, by internet performance management company Dyn. Its findings include:

– Over half (57 per cent) of the internet disruptions UK organisations experienced in the past year have occurred outside their network control;
– It takes UK organisations nearly as twice as long to identify and resolve an internet disruption that occurs compared to US organisations; and
– A quarter of UK organisations (25 per cent) find it extremely or very difficult to monitor and identify when an internet disruption occurs outside of their network control, whilst a third (31 per cent) find it extremely or very difficult to resolve an issue outside their network control.

When asked about the biggest impact and risks resulting from disruptions, nearly a third of UK organisations (30 per cent) have experienced, or would it expect to experience, loss of revenue and nearly a quarter (23 per cent) would expected a loss of new business as a result of an internet disruption. Yet despite this, hardly four in ten UK organisations (39 per cent) monitor their network activity and identify patterns.


Paul Heywood, MD EMEA at Dyn says: “As the Internet of Things continues to gain speed, and as more organisations move their workloads to the cloud, the internet is becoming an even more complex and unpredictable environment for businesses to control and navigate. It is, therefore, worrying to see that just four in ten UK organisations monitor their network activity to identify patterns and any anomalies. Given that over half of internet disruptions happen outside a company’s network – resulting in reputational damage, loss of revenue and new business for many UK organisations, as well as multiple headaches for any IT team – it’s time for companies to realise how important visibility into the performance of the complex, volatile internet is.

“Businesses need to take control and remove the blindfolds to gain a complete picture of their network and how it connects to the wider world. To do so requires investing in data and analytics solutions that measure the performance of the internet and cloud-vendors, as well as adding secondary DNS solutions to help mitigate risks and ensure business continuity. Those companies that take these steps now will be able to identify and resolve any disruptions much more quickly and ultimately develop digital resilience to gain a competitive advantage.”


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