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Cyber Griffin

The City of London Police have launched Cyber Griffin; officers will offer free threat briefings and incident response training to businesses in the Square Mile. The scheme is aimed at those with little knowledge of cyber-enabled crime threats, and those in IT security and risk roles. Also planned are advisory groups from industry and the private sector, to offer insight to businesses less experienced in cyber.

City of London Police Commissioner and National Policing Lead for Economic Crime, Ian Dyson, said: “As criminals working in the cyberspace become more sophisticated, it’s important we all have at least basic skills to combat those that seek to do us harm. Through this initiative the police and industry can work together to share skills and knowledge to protect ourselves from this evolving crime.”

Sgt Charlie Morrison who will lead the Cyber Griffin delivery team said: “Although cyber criminality challenges traditional policing as we know it, we are now more capable than ever to tackle the problem. However, it’s imperative we work with our local community to do this, especially in such a unique area as the City of London which is full of businesses who have the potential to be the target for a cyber attack. Cyber criminals specialise in looking for the weak spots in our security. Cyber Griffin therefore is about basics done well. Through briefings, incident response drills and expert guidance, the aim is to get the fundamentals right every time. In this case the best offence is a good defence.”

For more on Cyber Griffin, to ask about joining an advisory group or to arrange for officers to come to a workplace and deliver an incident response exercise; visit


James Hadley CEO & Founder of Immersive Labs was encouraged. He said: “A resilient cyber strategy is fundamental for the Square Mile to ensure business as usual. However, this can only be achieved via continuous improvement through identifying weaknesses, and up-skilling staff in order to plug the skills gap within an organisation.”

Tim Helming, director of product management at DomainTools likewise described it as an encouraging step by the City force. He said: “Their involvement with the UK’s economy through the Square Mile puts them in a unique position where they can make a real difference, leading the way in encouraging the UK’s largest financial institutions from the dangers of malicious actors online. Cybercrime is now so organised and widespread that it is more than capable of effecting an organizations bottom line, reputation, and in the case of financial institutions within the Square Mile, the UK’s economy as a whole. Any attempts to stop this happening should be encouraged and supported wherever possible.”


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