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Facebook launch Threat Exchange

Facebook has launched a Threat Exchange –

The social media firm described it as a platform for security people anywhere to share IT threat information, such as spam, malware and phishing; to learn from each other, for instance about bad URLs and domains; and make their own systems safer. Early partners include Bitly, Dropbox, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and Yahoo.

Facebook said: “We included a set of privacy controls so that participants can help protect any sensitive data by specifying who can see the threat information they contribute … We have a vested interest in making the internet safer and giving people better ways to connect and share.”


Ken Weston, senior security analyst at Tripwire said that it was interesting that Facebook was developing essentially a Facebook of threats. “A place where multiple companies such as Box,, Dropbox, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and Yahoo have already signed up to share threat information. Facebook has already developed an internal system for managing and normalizing various threat feeds and are looking to expand this to include threat feeds from other groups as well as share that data with specific companies.

“The challenge with this model will be that it is controlled by Facebook and not a neutral party, so there may be some issues with who has access and how it is managed. Facebook has also not had the best reputation with regards to people’s privacy and there is some concern if personal information will be shared in the ThreatExchange.”


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