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Video engine

New from Geutebruck is G-Core 1.4.2. The video engine provided on all the German firm’s G-Scopes makes it easier to find out what happened when an incident occurs, live or when evaluating recorded images.

A new Spot Monitor Recording plugin aids object tracking. Users can drag various cameras onto the spot monitor and view images live, record them at the same time on another channel and then export the overview created using the spot monitor. For example, security staff observe a shoplifter using multiple cameras, making it possible to save the entire event on a storage medium and hand it to police. The surveillance procedure is documented on the spot monitor channel. An operator need only specify the start and stop times and the backup is ready. A new metadata motion search, MOS for short, offers further event analysis. Users can search for specific movements in freely definable image areas – in live and in recorded images. Movement data is stored in an SQL database, video streams in Geutebruck’s proprietary video database. This dual architecture provides twice the security, the makers say. As a result, search results are available it’s claimed faster than with other solutions on the market.



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