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Video analytics based on deep learning AI

The distributor Norbain is offering the Wisenet X-series of AI cameras on behalf of partner supplier Hanwha Techwin Europe. In April, Hanwha Techwin Europe launched a new NDAA-compliant Wisenet X-series range of cameras with artificial intelligence (AI).

The range of 28 cameras expands the options available, the companies say, with deep learning, helping them reduce false alarms and work more efficiently. Further, AI on the edge can support operators with detecting objects like people, faces, vehicles and licence plates, improve image quality, and provide business intelligence.

AI embedded in the X-series range makes video more manageable, notifying operators about events when needed and enabling them to find relevant incidents and objects quickly through forensic search. Irrelevant motions such as waving trees, moving shadows and animals are ignored, reducing false alarms. AI-based analytics also bring a wealth of actionable data to operations, marketing and sales departments providing highly accurate people counts, queue management data and heat maps showing detailed patterns of behaviour.

WiseNRII allows for noise reduction, Extreme WDR provides clear images while WiseStreamIII minimises bandwidth and storage, compressing all video except objects and areas of interest. The X-series range offers dome, vandal dome, bullet, and box camera options with each device featuring metal outers and, in the case of domes, dome bubbles.

It is divided into X-core and X-plus cameras with the X-plus range offering a modular magnetic design to simplify installation. The X-plus also comes with tele focal length to zoom into a scene with a 29mm angle of view.

Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe, pictured, said: “We’ve witnessed deep learning AI becoming increasingly vital to security as the amount of video they’ve had to manage has grown. I’m delighted that Hanwha Techwin Europe is bringing false alarm reduction, edge-based business intelligence, and AI-enhanced image quality to a broader range of cameras. These improve operator efficiency for both real-time event notification and post-event search. It also makes AI more affordable and accessible to organisations who might previously have been under the impression that the technology is too expensive to be deployed for anything other than high-end applications. This move heralds the future of video in security.”

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