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Temperature screening of visitors

An ordinary thermal scanner in a guard’s hands in a mall, school or government office is not the best way to avoid the spread of viruses. He works slowly and imprecisely, says the CCTV manufacturer Partizan. Another thing is an access control system with face recognition and temperature screening. Partizan STD-2MP, for example, takes into account a lot of related factors. Weather conditions are one of the most important, the company says.

There is no such thing as bad weather…

… but it strongly affects the measurement results. In cold weather, the temperature of exposed parts of the body can drop one degree below real. In the heat, on the contrary, to rise to 37.4 degrees, in reality being the canonical 36.6 degrees. But STD-2MP can’t be fooled! Analysing a person’s condition, the device takes into account everything – even the temperature difference between hair and a cap.

An algorithm based on the principles of artificial intelligence comes into play. The device compares the temperature of a person and the objects around him. It captures the warmth of previous visitors and calculates their normal temperature at the current moment. For example, in the morning the average temperature of visitors was 36.2 degrees. But the day was hot and sunny. Therefore, by lunchtime, people “warmed up” to 37.2 degrees. The device takes the weather into account and makes the measurement as clearly as possible. “Come on in, guys, everything is ok.”

Failure is not an option

It is also important to note that scanners are usually installed indoors, and people come from the street, where the temperature is different. The intelligent algorithm of Partizan STD-2MP calculates the nominal normal temperature from the total human flow. It is enough for the device to check three visitors and the algorithms for detecting persons with abnormal temperatures are activated.

Does it sound complicated? Let’s look at the example. The device measured the forehead temperature of three visitors. It turned out to be at the level of 35.4-35.8 degrees C. Partizan STD-2MP compares the obtained data with real body temperature and gets the real result – 36.4-36.8 degrees C. But when a visitor with a forehead temperature of 36.9 degrees C is going in, everything seems to be within the normal range. But no. The device “understands” that real body temperature is much higher. “You shall not pass!”

In addition to temperature screening of visitors, Partizan STD-2MP can also recognise their faces. The system does this even with a mask on. So no one needs to take it off. We’re still talking about fighting viruses, aren’t we? The STD-2MP can do everything what a proper control system should be able to do:

1. Keep records of visits (including registering arrival and departure time)
2. Restrict or grant access
3. Give an alarm signal in case of violation

How does it look like

The Main Partizan STD-2MP module is no larger than a regular tablet with a seven-inch IPS display. There is also a temperature screening module, a white backlight, a 2MP IP CCTV camera, and a built-in access controller. Partizan STD-2MP can be installed near the turnstile, on the walk-through frame or just at the entrance doors. To do this, the accessories catalog has all sorts of brackets – both for floor and wall.

About accessories you can put a cover on the device, for example, in the form of funny ears. The cutest life hack that will come in handy if you take Partizan STD-2MP to use in preschool institutions. Kids will love it.

Body temperature screening at the entrance to public places has become a routine act since the coronavirus 2020. Partizan STD-2MP will make this process invisible, fast and maximum efficient. Far better than make “beeps” using manual scanner aiming against visitor’s forehead each time.

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