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Smartphone app for redeployables

Revader Security has launched a smartphone app which allows security operators to control the operation of redeployable CCTV systems from anywhere. Addressing the requirement for mobile CCTV to be as flexible as possible, the remote power control innovation from Revader enables users to power redeployable systems on and off from a mobile phone, anywhere.

The mobile app, available to download from the Apple Store, connects each mobile phone to multiple redeployable devices and allows them to be controlled independently. The CCTV operator can place the devices in situ long before a pre-determined event. According to the developers, this delivers power savings by ensuring that battery life is not wasted before and after the activity in question. The viewing period can therefore be weeks, and potentially longer, with the aid of alternative power sources.

The mobile app uses the worldwide GSM mobile network to send and receive text messages which act as instructions to redeployable CCTV. This means that operators can activate and deactivate the units without needing a 3G/4G data signal. Users can also use a range of approved third-party mobile applications to stream live and recorded footage from any number of authorised redeployable units – offering total control of a security operation from the palm of a hand.

A spokesman for the company said: “We are pleased to be able to offer the mobile power control app alongside our GSM power packs, so that users can enjoy total flexibility over their security operation regardless of their location. This innovation will allow us to capitalise on an increasing requirement for surveillance at public events, protests, festivals and concerts where CCTV needs to be in place long before the activity in question begins, and no other power sources exist.”


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