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Rugged, ghosted camera housing

Redvision, the UK manufacturer of CCTV cameras, has released its VEGA 2010, rugged camera housing, with its cover ghosted away. It shows installers how their preferred camera and lens combinations can fit neatly inside.

Stephen Lightfoot, technical director at Redvision says: “The VEGA 2010, rugged, camera housing has room for cameras and lenses up to 290mm long. The Tru-park, silicon wiper, which removes dirt and water from the housing’s camera window, is shown at the front to the housing and concealed neatly behind the front bezel when not in use.

“The PoE-driven, CHAT interface board is mounted beside the camera. This distributes power to the camera, wiper, washer and built-in heater, as well as providing the connection and interface for Ethernet and audio communications. The wiper’s gearing mechanism sits behind the camera and the drive mechanism runs alongside the camera to the front. All cabling is managed inside its built-in, wall or pedestal mounting bracket and integrated junction box.”

The product is made from die-cast aluminum, which is IP67 weather-proof and IK10 impact-rated. It is finished with a marine-grade plating, followed by a powder-coating. Although the standard colour is light grey (RAL 7035), it can be finished is any RAL colour, as required. Visit


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