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Residential CCTV

NetVue cameras enable live viewing, recording, listening, talking and multi-camera management from a smartphone or tablet.

NetVue is a self-contained, CCTV unit suitable say distributors COP for residential applications. It combines a network camera, SD memory card for seven days recording; infra-red LEDs for night-time operation, motion detection and audio listen and talk functionality. On detecting movement it sends an alert to the user’s smartphone or tablet with the associated live video stream.

The product requires no physical connections except power, although it comes with an Ethernet port as standard. Users download the MyNetVue app on their phone or tablet. With the NetVue powered up, the user simply scans the QR code on the back of the NetVue with their smartphone or tablet. An interface appears on the screen which prompts the user to enter the password of the preferred Wi-Fi network. A second QR code then appears on the phone or tablet’s screen which, when put in front of the NetVue camera, completes the install with an audible bleep. The user then has immediate, secure access.

The product records continuously when powered up. Users can watch and listen to live and recorded video, share live video with up to 20 other users, upload video images, set up motion detection and subsequent alarm notifications and speak to people on site. The SD memory card plugs into a compatible Windows PC and will play back video and audio files using the free network player software.

Users can set up and manage multiple cameras on a smartphone or tablet, scrolling between each camera using the MyNetVue app. This function allows users to fit multi-camera systems into residential properties. There is no restriction to the number of properties, sites or cameras the user can control. It’s available exclusively through COP Security. For more information – call 01457 874 999 or visit


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