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Radar version

The CCTV manufacturer 360 Vision Technology, has launched a radar version of their Predator High Definition ruggedised PTZ camera.

Predator Radar is descibed as an integrated radar controlled, auto tracking and following camera with the power to automatically detect and continually track targets.

The product is designed for short to medium range applications and the detection of objects or individuals, such as within fenced and unfenced site perimeters, and sterile zones at prisons, borders, airports or military applications. It can track up to 40 targets at once up to a range of 400m radius. ‘Intelligent Time Share’ alarm handling means that multi-object alarms can be handled proportionally or by priority.

The stand-alone product scans 360 degrees twice every second, to detect and track objects, while alarms are overlaid on screen. The unit’s radar detection is unaffected by weather the makers say, so detection and alarms continue even in rain, fog or snow.

Mark Rees, Business Development Director at 360 Vision Technology, says: “Predator Radar not only delivers the benefits of radar detection at a cost-effective price point, but also a lower cost of installation versus comparable perimeter protection or video analytics solutions.

“Incorporating one of the World’s leading Radar Manufacturer’s extensive knowledge and experience, and combining it with our proven ruggedised camera, IR and White Light options and pin-point positioning technology, Predator Radar is a reliable, robust and automatic surveillance solution suitable for a wide range of high-security applications.”

The product is available with 30x zoom lens in 1080P HD 0.013Lux scene illumination, HD Night Vision 720P 0.008Lux, and HD Night Vision Ultra 1080P 0.008Lux variants, and with built-in edge recording options providing 128GB or 256GB of on-board storage space. The integral camera and radar unit construction is totally self-contained, meaning no servers or software are required for commissioning. Visit


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