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Pole cleaner

An Essex installer has come up with a CCTV dome cleaner on a pole. Their patented DOMEKLEENER is made in the UK from aircraft aluminium and stainless steel – so, David Brinkley of Centra Security at Stansted says, a car could run over it. Not that that is the point of the product.


“It looks like a easy product but it took a lot of work, thought and testing,”  he told Professional Security. It lets you clean camera housings without the need for ladders, scaffold towers or ‘cherry pickers’, after a risk assessment, which adds up in time and money. A user could be an installer engineer during maintenance of CCTV; or a cleaning company or guard. A user only requires eye protection from the cleaning detergent at the end of the pole – the maximum safe height of the dome being set at 30 feet with a standard pole cleaner. “Everywhere I look now, I look for dirty domes!” David said, making the point that after rain a dome may have streaks that could be there for months between services.


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