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Pan and tilt unit

New from the thermal camera manufacturer FLIR is the PTU-5 motion control systems pan and tilt unit (PTU).

Standing only six inches tall when fully integrated, and weighing about two kilos (4.7 lb), the product can hold up to five pounds on its top bracket. Sealed and weather-proof rated to IP67, the PTU-5 can be integrated indoors and outdoors, the makers say. Aimed at OEM integrators, the PTU-5 does away with a separate controller box, and offers the ability to home the axes without returning to zero, at set-up. It’s claimed to be suitable for a range of applications and sensors.

The product offers a pan range of 360 degrees continuous; and in side mountings it offers a tilt range of 90 degrees. Maximum pan speed is 120 degrees per second; and maximum tilt speed of 50 degrees per second. The product’s power consumption is 40 W at peak, 20 W on average, and 5 W during no motion. It has an operating temperature of minus 20 degrees C to 60 degrees C.

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