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Multifocal sensor new model

New from the German manufacturer Dallmeier in the Panomera range is the S8 Ultraline. Since 2011, the patented Dallmeier Panomera multifocal sensor product line has provided video protection for football stadiums, perimeters, airports and other city areas. The new Panomera series, the Ultraline, has high effective resolution for such wide sites. The first model of the new series, the Panomera S8 Ultraline, delivers up to 190 megapixel at 30 fps (frames per second).

The Panomera concept offers up to eight sensors in a single camera, making it possible the makers say to capture enormous distances in unprecedented resolution quality. With fewer cameras and considerably less expense for both infrastructure and management, the total cost of ownership of video solutions are reduced the firm adds. At the same time, customer specifications regarding pixel density and coverage can be satisfied, it’s claimed.

The Ultraline S8 has a dynamic range of 130 dB UWDR (effective). This enables a resolution of 125 px/m up to a distance of 160m, 104m or 82m, enabling people to be recognised over that entire distance. Identification of persons (250 px/m) is supported up to a distance of 46m depending on the model, observation (62 px/m) is possible even up to a distance of 322m. This corresponds to a huge image space of more than 26,000 sqm. with continuous depth of field.

The multifocal sensor captures and stores all regions of the image space in the highest detail resolution. At the same time, it does not matter whether the operators are concentrating on a specific region in live mode (multiple detail zoom) or if regions of interest are displayed in detail based on video content analysis (multiple auto-tracking). The Panomera recordings always include the entire area of interest and allow every operation to be analysed.

Like all Dallmeier cameras the new Panomera model is made entirely in Germany, at the Dallmeier factory in Regensburg. This is a major factor in the manufacturer’s data protection and data security, since it is then impossible for unauthorised persons to gain access through ‘back doors’, for example. In all, 14 functions such as the setup of private zones, people masking or the latest encryption-authentication in the processing chain of Dallmeier products ensure that the requirements of the GDPR relating to data protection and data security are met. The manufacturer also offers details about video technology and the GDPR.


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