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Megapixel upgrade

A case study of megapixel cameras in use to address community vandalism. Sherwood Lake Club Inc is a private residential community in Southwest Topeka, Kansas. The 330 members have a 225-acre private lake, community clubhouse, and live outside town while near city conveniences.

Home owners have been subject to neighbourhood pranks as well as acts of vandalism. Neighborhood Watch is observing and reporting any suspicious activity or incidents to local law enforcement. Some residents have also installed video surveillance systems on their property. Tom Thomas was one.

As camera imaging and recording advanced, Mr. Thomas’ original four-camera system was gradually upgraded to include high definition analogue cameras. Poor image quality affecting facial recognition and night time image capture issues remained.

He said: “We had the ability to watch what was happening on the street but the recordings were not of sufficient quality to hand over to law enforcement for prosecution purposes. Even the newer high resolution cameras didn’t provide sufficient image quality.”

New infrastructure installed by the home owner presented the option of adding IP megapixel cameras; the solution to the image quality issues.

Mr Thomas upgraded with Arecont Vision AV-3226PMIR MegaView 3-megapixel cameras. The cameras proved to be the perfect solution for the front and side yard of the home. The cameras provide 360-degree, high resolution coverage of his one-acre lot which includes shoreline, boat and lift, and associated walkways.

The problem of capturing the make and model as well as nukmber plate of fast moving cars was solved with the installation of two Arecont Vision MegaView AV-2226PMIR 2-megapixel cameras.

He said: “The Arecont Vision cameras are very impressive and solved the identity issues. We’re able to see the faces of anyone who passes by on foot and license plates of anyone who drives by in their car with precise clarity.”

Two types of Arecont Vision cameras were used. The AV-2226PMIR 2-megapixel MegaView 2 is an all-in-one with integrated 1080p full HD wide dynamic range camera, infra-red illuminator, remote focus, remote zoom, p-iris IR corrected lens and vandal resistant aluminum cylindrical (bullet-style) enclosure with IP66 weatherproofing standard. The AV-3226PMIR 3-megapixel MegaView 2 camera features a 3-9 mm P-Iris lens, day-night functionality, IR LEDs, wide dynamic range (WDR), and is IP-66 and vandal resistant rated. All images are recorded by an OnSSI Ocularis-IS video management system.

Since the system was installed, local law enforcement has used images produced to help identify suspects and enabling police to make arrests.

Mr Thomas added: “Without a doubt, the Arecont Vision megapixel cameras have increased our security and peace of mind.”


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