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IP PTZ cameras

The AUTODOME IP pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras from Bosch Security Systems enable users manually to keep track of persons of interest as they move – even at speed, far beyond a fixed camera’s field of view.

These new AUTODOME IP cameras have video analytics as a standard and now add metadata to all captured video images. This data can automatically alert users once pre-defined criteria are met or for other uses beyond security. For example: enforcing traffic regulations, enforcing no-parking zones, detecting vehicles driving the wrong way and delivering occupancy data (the number of vehicles entering or leaving a parking garage) for smart, more efficient parking.

The cameras generate metadata to add sense and structure to the video footage, instead of just capturing and storing video images. They not only detect objects, they deliver associated data like size, speed, shape, direction, and color. They automatically distinguish between the object types such as person, car, bike, motorcycle or truck.

Because it’s possible to set certain alarm rules, such as someone approaching or climbing over a fence, security personnel are alerted the moment the alarm rule is triggered. It can even be configured to recognise changes in speed (running), shape (crouching) or aspect ratio (falling). When searching for evidence, metadata in combination with the forensic search functionality allows instant retrieval of relevant footage from hours of stored video.

The IP 4000i is for indoor use. It comes with pan and tilt control, plus 12x optical zoom that identifies moving objects in 1080p resolution at distances of up to 88m at 60 frames per second.

For indoor and outdoor applications with a larger surveillance area, the AUTODOME IP 5000i has 30x optical zoom, 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second video, for moving objects to be identified at up to 190m during daytime.

For larger distances and complete darkness, the AUTODOME IP 5000i IR performs identically to the IP 5000i during daytime, and at night identifies objects at up to 150m. It has a built-in, infrared beam.

All AUTODOME IP 4000i and 5000i cameras offer Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction and Intelligent Streaming, now also with H.265 video compression. Depending on the content of the scene, this reduces bitrate by up to 80 percent, it’s claimed.


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