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IFSEC service launch

The distributors Norbain are using IFSEC 2012 to launch their new offering, Norbain Service Plus. Designed to complement installers’ skills, Service Plus offers a range of services that can be used to reduce the risk of installations, minimise time spent on site by engineers and make new technologies, such as IP, more accessible. Services will include:



• Configuration

• Site survey and system design

• Commissioning 

• Troubleshooting


Keith Purvis, Operations Director at Norbain, is responsible for leading the development of Norbain Service Plus. “There’s no doubt that the industry is changing,” he says. “Norbain has invested considerable resources in ensuring we stay abreast of technological changes and we’re dedicated to ensuring that our customers benefit from this. We believe that this new service offering will help our customers tackle new technologies and break into profitable emerging markets.” Keith will also be leading a seminar on the subject – please visit to book your place.


For all information on Norbain Service plus, visit the dedicated website at


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