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IDIS Security Middle East Expo

Visitors to the Security Middle East Expo, a virtual event hosted from January to March 31, can now see the latest IDIS video solutions at their own time and convenience.

Visitors will learn how systems integrators and customers across the Middle East are taking advantage of the latest IDIS South Korean-made video tech, including plug-and-play technology, with built-in failover and inherent cybersecurity for the ultimate resilience.

IDIS offers video for banking, commercial offices, education, hospitality, logistics, and various government applications, harnessing AI to improve productivity besides provide security. With a choice of VMS and AI appliances, IDIS lets users harness deep learning analytics, to counter the spread of COVID-19, aid situational awareness, and deliver ROI.

Attendees can also see IDIS Deep Learning Analytics (IDLA). Its object and loitering capabilities identify and track people and vehicles for detection, identification, verification, and investigation. IDIS Instant Meta Filtering will speed up investigations from hours to minutes, it’s claimed, by enabling users to organise, search, and retrieve intelligent information from vast amounts of video footage. And Person Match extracts the appearance characteristics of a person of interest and searches through hours of footage for matches.

New is the IDIS COVID Solution – the AI Box for COVID-19, which comes with deep learning applications to counter the spread of infection. Uing four analytics, it helps social distancing adherence, people counting and occupancy monitoring, crowd control, and mask detection. And these tools will provide insight for applications including customer behaviour and footfall analysis in retail, and workspace optimisation.

Jamil Al Asfar, Senior Sales Manager, IDIS Middle East and Africa, pictured, says: “The COVID-19 pandemic has tested everyone’s resilience. IDIS has developed credible and practical solutions to help reduce infection risks, with automation that improves operating efficiency and technology that avoids the cost of hiring in additional manpower or redeploying existing staff to higher-risk front-line roles.

“Moving forward much of this functionality will also prove particularly valuable for retail, with AI-driven video delivering insights into shoppers’ behaviour, helping to convert browsing into sales and improving the customer experience and for facilities managers to optimize buildings and workspace.”



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